Hubertus Company farms 9000 ha area, of which about 2400 ha is being used for plant cultivation, about 2000 ha is grassland and about 2000 ha is forest area. The rest is covered with paths, waste land, canals and moor.   

The average rainfall is 680 mm, the average temperature is 10,8 ºC. The climate is considered to be continental.

The soil varies from mainly loamy sand to mild loess. We grow here mainly grain maize, maize for silage, wheat and oil crops, like and rape and sunflower for industrial purposes.
The farm products are kept in our own storehouses until they are sold.

If you are interested in any of our products, please contact Mr Balázs Réthy.

Mr. Balázs Réthy
Tel: +36 30 237 7351
Fax: + 36 85 460 001