Angus Breeding


The Nagyberek area has traditionally been used for beef cattle breeding for decades. Extensive arable land is characteristic of the marshland, and we can use the grasslands in the most efficient way.

In 1997, we started the cross breeding with the red color variant of the Aberdeen angus variety. The stocking when we startred was aproximately 650 cows is now more than doubled, and most of them are purebreed angus. Among our registered cows there are also bull-breeding cows available, from the bull's offspring we raise the breeding bulls ourselves.

The annual scrapping rate is approx. 10%, we replace them with our own bred young heifers.

Traditionally, we do not sell calves, but we also fatten bulls and heifers. The heifer stocking after the  slaughterhouse goes  to our  food processing sector, and most of the fattened bulls are sold for export.

In the field of breeding, we want to continuously improve the maternal characteristics of our stocking in the long run, and we pay special attention to meat quality. In particular, the proportion of intramuscular fat, as shown by the marbling of the grate cross-section, and in the case of breeding bull candidates, the fat thickness at the lumbar region was also measured by ultrasound.

The cow stocking is kept brittle all year round. Depending on the vintage, the grazing season on the lawns is 5-7 months. We can extend the autumn and winter grazing season by grazing cornstrips. We solve the winter feeding with our own mass feeds.

The calves are reared and fattened at our farm in Sáripuszta and feed with our own mass feed base, purchased accessories, precise software and machinery.

The mass feed base is prepared by the crop production sector for the animals.

Our activity, which adapts well to our natural endowments, is not only an important sector of Hubertus Bt in terms of landscape and nature protection, but also one of the key employers in the area. It is important for us that high-quality angus meat is guaranteed to be on the table of domestic consumers. To get this, we work closely with the food processing industry and the Hubertus-Hof restaurant.


Roland Kanyar, the sector manager, is available to answer any questions at the following contacts:


Roland Kanyar

Head of Livestock Sector

Tel: +36 30 237 7352

Fax: + 36 85 460 001