Water governance

The Hubertus LP manages around 9000 hectares on the south part of Balaton. The task of the business management is to maintain different industries (crop production, animal husbandry, hunting and catering) together, ensuring the economical progress.

Nagyberek was covered with an uninterrupted surface of water until the mid-1800s. This wetland system was drained between 1908-1911. Before this period, Nagyberek was a swamp of 87 km2, including 23 km of regularly harvested reed stands.

During the drainage process, a system of canals was built totaling 224 km in length, and since the terrain level of the Nagyberek wetland is well below the water level of Lake Balaton, an annual average amount of 15 million m3 of water is pumped into the lake, which is the only way to keep this area dry. Therefore a proper water management is essential for the sake of farming.

It is the company’s obligation to ensure the maintenance and the cleaning of the canal system, and to manage inland excess water through pumping stations.

For further information on this matter, please feel free to contact us: hubertus@hubertus.hu